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Skilled Nursing – Short & Long-Term Rehabilitation – Brooklyn, NY

Atrium Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing’s landmark building proudly proclaims a long history of commitment to the community, and features 7 floors dedicated to progressive rehabilitation, specialized clinical programs and unparalleled patient care.

Conveniently located 12 blocks off the Belt Parkway with easy access from throughout the five boroughs, and only 30 minutes from renowned NYC hospitals, we are a #1 choice for Short-Term Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing and Long -Term Care.

Today, as a proud member of the Excelsior Care Group and its progressive vision of care, we are proactively anticipating, meeting and surpassing our patients’ needs on a daily basis.

Orthopedic Rehab
Orthopedic Rehab
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Wound Care


5 stars

“Hi everyone, there should only be one place to get stronger and better and its Atrium Rehab Facility. The moment I walked in the Concierge and administration team is asking how can I help you and how are you doing today. Kathleen from rehab thank you for helping me getting stronger. Thank you to Bessie the social worker for putting me on the thrid floor. To the whole thrid floor thank you for watching me and taking care of me. I enjoyed all the meals and snacks from the kitchen in which I requesed for. Thank you and this was my home away from home.”

– Joe Aiyudubie, 11/24/2021

5 stars

“Atrium Rehab Facility is such a caring and giving place for anyone looking for care and Rehab to get back to where they were. The administration/Coneirge team does a amazing job making sure you are happy, comfortable and making progress. Thank you to Kathleen from Rehab for getting me stronger then ever. I was always on the third floor and I loved it. Thank you to my social worker. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is always hot and tasty and ready to eat. If you have a loved one I would certainly send them to Atrium. BYE and thank you.”

– marjorie primo, 11/23/2021

5 stars

“Thank you Atrium Rehab for everything. From the minute I walked everyone was so helpful and caring. Thank you Tishara and George from the amazing rehab department. The main reason I was put in a rehabilitation center is to improve in walking up steps. Now I can walk and walk up 4 flights of steps. I was always on the third floor and wow was I happy thank you. Thank you to the administration/concierge team for ensuring and providing a wonderful stay. Thank you and I do recommend this place to get stronger and better.”

– Omar Barrows, 11/18/2021

5 stars

“I was in the wonderful Atrium Rehab Center for one month. Everyone here is so giving and caring to all your needs. From the boss to the nurse and CNA were very helpful. Thank you George and David K from rehab for staying on top of me every workout we did and i am now walking out of the place. I love from the recreation team was bingo,party and treats. If there ever a problem with your room housekeeping and maintenance is always there to fix it for you. I will truley miss this place and the people here thank you.”

– Robyn Faulkner, 11/12/2021

5 stars

“I was here in the Atrium Rehab Center for 1 month. Thank you Rafal ,Sunshine Gilana and the whole Rehab department. I am now back up and walking without a walker. Thank you Mrs Rose the nurse Mr Taylor the CNA for all you have done. The floors and rooms are kept very clean and nice. Last but not least the food is very tasty and appetizing but could be hotter at times.The CNA are always there to help. It’s time to say goodbye but thank you and I’ll miss you all!”

– Jeffrey Lyles, 11/12/2021




Phone: 718-240-3100
Address: 611 East 103rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11236

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