Long Term Care New York City

Do you have an elderly family member who is dealing with some serious health issues and are considering Long Term Care in New York City? Have health issues impacted their ability to live independently?

Oftentimes, this can occur as the result of a stroke, accident, chronic illness or condition, as well as general aging. The decision regarding what to do next is complex, and when considering Long Term Care New York City, you can find yourself filled with apprehension and even feelings of guilt.

At Atrium Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, we understand that this can be a really rough time for the entire family, and we know that being surrounded by compassionate, knowledgeable professionals is essential to the best possible outcome for your loved one!

We’re here not only for them but also for your family and you!

The Atrium’s skilled nursing staff is ready and able to work with your elderly family member’s areas of difficulty in a kind and attentive manner. We are a long-term care facility that offers a warm, comfortable, cheerful, and safe living environment. What’s more, we keep in touch with the families of our resid ents on a regular basis so that they are well-informed about how their loved one is doing.

We consider it our mission to support those in our community in such a way that they can reach their optimal level of functionality, thereby enabling them to authentically look forward to their daily life at our facility!

Some of the services we provide at Atrium include diabetes care, pain management, physical therapy, cardiac care, dementia and Alzheimer’s care, as well as stroke care and others. With our compassionate and highly capable team, we’ve become known throughout the five boroughs for our standard of excellence, our expertise, and our consistent and faithful service.

It’s our conviction that we serve our residents in such a way that they’ll have every opportunity to reach their very best potential. Our team of professionals will work with them and you to create a plan that is tailored to your loved one’s specific physical, medical, and emotional needs.

We’ve been in the Long Term Care New York City field since 1940 and take pride in providing round-the-clock assistance and attention. We are passionate about being a long term care facility that is there for its residents where and when needed most and have the conviction that these senior members of society should always be treated with genuine consideration, dignity, and respect!

Schedule a Tour for Long Term Care in New York City

Why wait even another day to pick up the phone and give Atrium a call? We are available and desire to do whatever we can to assist you with starting the process of experiencing a lighter, less stressful, and more positive daily life.

Our staff is friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. Please give us a call at (718)240-3100 when it works best for you. We will gladly answer any questions you might have, as well as help you with navigating the process of setting up some much-needed assistance for your beloved family member!



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