Short Term Rehabilitation New York CityIf you or someone in your family is struggling due to difficulties associated with an illness, injury, or necessary surgery, and assistance and support are required for optimal healing and wellness, you should seriously look into Atrium Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing! We have a wonderful program and specialize in optimal healing for these types of situations! We are a safe haven and offer the very best in round-the-clock care! Our savvy and resourceful staff have a passion to nurture and offer sustenance and strength to those who need it most!

At Atrium, our skilled professionals are easily able to address the individual’s physical health challenges in a genuine, dedicated, and attentive fashion. As every patient is different, we understand that, likewise, every recovery is different, as well. The location offers a clean, cheerful, well-organized, and positive environment throughout. In addition to our short term rehabilitation facility capabilities, we also can provide help with daily needs, as well as communication with the patient’s family to ensure that they are fully aware of the level of progress that is being attained on a regular basis. We have a true passion to support those we care for in such a way that substantial physical, cognitive, and emotional healing can be experienced promptly and efficiently.

Along with rehabilitation and recuperation needs, Atrium offers our short term residents the opportunity to enjoy their time with us as they heal with us! We provide an immaculate and spacious room that includes a large bathroom, flat screen TV, and WiFi service. Our residents are also given three balanced meals a day in our dining room, and there’s absolutely no problem with customizing a meal plan for the sake of honoring any dietary requirements! Access to recreational activities is also available, and we have quite the variety, including arts and crafts, movies, pet therapy, and music programs! And we make it our mission to see to it that our residents feel valued and respected, which, of course, will further enable their ability to achieve wellness!

With over 60 years of serving those requiring Short Term Rehabilitation New York City, Atrium has an amazing reputation and is well-known throughout the five boroughs! Helping individuals reach their fullest level of healing after surviving a difficult life event is the heartbeat of our establishment and the very essence of who we are! As we tend to live longer these days, we get that it is more important than ever before to seek the highest attainable level of success for those we assist!

Please feel free to visit our website,, at your convenience and/or give us a call at (718)240-3100. Our friendly and helpful phone associates will be most happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. We understand that Short Term Rehabilitation New York City can be difficult and even seem overwhelming at times, but we’re here for you and would consider it a privilege to aid you and/or your family member through the process of providing genuine care and effective support at our short term rehabilitation facility!