Skilled Nursing Care New York City

Looking for affordable Skilled Nursing Care New York City? Are you currently dealing with a situation where an elderly loved one is ready to leave the hospital after a major health event but still needs to receive continued in order to recuperate more fully?

Are you hoping for an option that isn’t only affordable but conveniently located and provides an optimal level of care, so that you know your family member will be safe and secure?

You may need Skilled Nursing in New York City. That’s where Atrium Center for Rehab and Nursing comes in! We’re experts when it comes to encouraging and assisting those who really need a helping hand!

We are a fantastic skilled nursing facility that has been around for 80 years, and we have a reputation for compassion and excellence throughout the tri-state area!

Our team consists of seasoned doctors, nurses, therapists, and aides who make it their mission to enhance our residents’ lives!

We’re friendly, supportive, and dedicated to our patients. Not only are thorough background checks done on all potential associates before they’re hired, but additional training in state-of-the-art procedures and techniques are also given on a steady and consistent basis.

As your loved one interacts with those who will be working with them daily, it’s only natural for comraderies to form over time, making the time that they spend together something your loved one will begin to look forward to as they continue to get settled and are made to feel not only comfortable, but valued and cherished!

Nursing Care Amenities In New York City

In addition, our patients’ rooms are impeccably clean and include a bathroom, as well as a flat-screen TV and Wifi service. They will also be able to feast on three fresh and delicious meals each day that have been prepared by our chef, and they can enjoy these meals in our lovely dining room!

Not only that, our location offers quite a variety of fun recreational activities that bring with them opportunities to meet new people and make new friends! Together, they can talk about old times, share memories, and enjoy such amusements as arts and crafts, music programs, games, and special events!

Something that ties in very well as a part of these new friendships is the fact that building such bonds can be a great component to one’s overall well-being and level of healing! To that end, we encourage our patients to participate often, adding to the positive vibes that being together brings!

By picking up the phone and calling us for Skilled Nursing Care New York City for your loved one, you are taking that first step toward a more beneficial future after the setbacks that can often come with physical health issues.

Schedule a Tour for Skilled Nursing Care New York City

Please feel free to call us at your convenience at (718)240-3100. When you do, our friendly and helpful associates will be available to hear from you and answer any questions that you may have.

We understand that choosing a skilled nursing facility can seem like an overwhelming and stressful process, but we at Atrium will be with you all the way and look forward to providing genuine and effective support to your precious family member!



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