Wound Care Brooklyn

For the best treatment in Wound Care Brooklyn, Atrium Rehab is the place for you or your loved one. We proudly received a five out of five stars rating from Centers for Medicare for outstanding comprehensive care.

Our facility features seven state of the art floors dedicated to progressive rehabilitation, specialized clinical programs and unparalleled patient care. As part of the Excelsior Care Group, we proactively anticipate, meet and surpass our patients’ needs on a daily basis. With round-the-clock care, you or your loved one will receive the highest rated care a rehabilitation offers.

Our specialized Wound Care Brooklyn professionals understand that personalized attention is as important as expertly utilizing innovative treatment methods. Each member of our staff believes in one-on-one relationship building with you first which, in turn, builds trust in our staff.

We believe in creating comprehensive treatment plans for each one of our patients in close collaboration with your primary care doctor. Many of our staff members are multilingual and have the ability to connect with you or your loved one to ensure proper communication.

At Atrium Rehab, our treatment methods include: wound VACs, specialized air mattresses, infection control techniques, and IV antibiotics. Our specialized compression air mattresses are set on a specific timer catered to your body’s needs to promote circulatory health.

Our physical and occupational therapists work in tandem to deliver specialized care to individuals recovering from various surgeries. All of our Wound Care specialists are dedicated to alleviating your pain, healing your wounds and making you as comfortable as possible – in your own skin. Their sole goal is to get you back on your feet and enjoying life and maintaining your independence!

Transitioning into Wound Care Brooklyn rehabilitation can mean a long road is ahead of you. At Atrium Rehab, our desire is to make you feel most at home while our carefully-trained staff tend to your every need.

From the moment you are admitted into our facility, you will feel like you never left your own home. From beauticians on staff to dietitians and restaurant-style dining, Atrium’s amenities are for your’s and your family’s utilization.

Have some down time in between physical therapy sessions and time spent receiving Wound Care Brooklyn? Our calendar is full to the brim with recreation therapy-based activities! Their staff proudly hosts some of the best parties, happy hours, and games that you’ve experienced!

All activities are included in your stay and we look forward to seeing you at one of our parties!

Professional Wound Care Services Near Brooklyn

Atrium Rehab is the premier nursing and rehabilitation center that specializes in Wound Care Brooklyn. We are located at 611 East 103rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11236. You can like us on Facebook and view our Twitter feed at @Excelsior_Care. You can reach us at (718) 240-3100 for all inquiries, admissions information, and upcoming events.

You may also simply email us at: info@atriumrehabcenter.com and one of our staff members will respond promptly. Choose Atrium Rehab today, where we believe in proactive, sophisticated care!

Also don’t hesitate to contact us for Skilled Nursing Care New York City because we can help there as well.



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