Wound Care New York City

There are times that those in the aging population come into a season of life where they may need not only support and assistance with daily grooming and other day-to-day responsibilities, but also with treating wound ulcers that have been brought on by chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or certain types of vascular disease. At Atrium Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, we offer excellent Wound Care in New York City.

We are a facility that specializes in treating all types of wound conditions. We have been in the wound care management field for over three-quarters of a century, so your loved one is in very safe and capable hands with us!

At Atrium, we are quite familiar with the four stages of wound healing, which are coagulation, inflammation, proliferation, and maturation. Some of the types of procedures we implement include wound VACs, specialized air mattresses, infection control techniques, and IV antibiotics.

Chronic wounds among the geriatric community are typically in the inflammation stage, and there are special dressings that need to be applied faithfully and in a highly skilled manner in order for this process to be reversed.

While complete wound healing is the optimal goal, sometimes this is unable to be achieved, due to age and other factors; however, palliation to the degree of accomplishing a more manageable end result is still wholly beneficial to the individual!

New York City Wound Care Nursing Experts

Our nursing staff is exceedingly experienced with implementing wound care management practices, and we’re happy to tell you that additional training in the latest of procedures is provided regularly for the purpose of coming up higher!

We make compelling efforts for these residents to obtain the ultimate level of healing possible so that they can live more comfortably and pain-free!

Our doctors, nurses, therapists, and aides treat those we serve with genuine warmth and respect, seeking to safeguard their dignity and self-esteem, as we understand that this can be an immensely difficult and frustrating situation.

It is common for friendly rapports to develop over time, which can help with strengthening one’s mindset and resolve, which will, in turn, increase the individual’s overall ability to heal physically!

Atrium Wound Care Expert Services

In addition to noteworthy care, we also offer daily activities that are great opportunities for your loved one to experience feelings of accomplishment and joy, as well as to socialize with others, and engaging others which, again, can be fundamental to acquiring the best wellness outcome!

We have a calendar that lists many recreational events for our residents to look forward to and includes such options as crafts, tai-chi, concerts, bingo, and even birthday celebrations!

At Atrium, your senior family member is in excellent hands regarding their Wound Care New York City, as they will be provided with consistent, compassionate, and solid wound care management.

Why not take the next step toward having this take place in your loved one’s life? Please feel free to take a look at our website amenities section and also give us a call at (718)240-3100.

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